Measuring long term impact

In late 2016, work commenced on an Australian Research Council funded, multi-year longitudinal study of the impacts experienced by communities that have undertaken Literacy for Life Foundation’s Campaign.

This study is being supported by the University of New South Wales, the University of New England, the Lowitja Institute and includes input from representatives of the Department of Health, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Using the Literacy for Life Foundation’s database from initial household surveys (conducted during Phase 1 of the Campaign), the study will compare the changes experienced by graduates and their families with those of low literate community members who did not to join the Campaign.

It is expected this study will evidence improvements (or otherwise) that participation in the Campaign has in secondary impact areas such as crime/justice, school education and attendance, health (including mental health) and wellbeing, community safety and engagement with service providers. The study will also develop a methodology and supporting tools for the ongoing assessment of Campaign impacts.