Who We Are

Literacy for Life Foundation

Join our innovative campaign to end adult illiteracy in Aboriginal communities.

By our people, for our people.


We are a start up that's stepping up.

Literacy for Life Foundation has a big dream. We want to end illiteracy in Aboriginal communities, and teaching adults to read and write is the key.

We are an Aboriginal-run charity that trains local people to deliver literacy classes in their communities. We use an innovative campaign approach that has been delivered in other locations around the world with great success. We've already proven it works in Australia and now, with your help, we can take the next big step ...


We know what we do works. Our results prove it. And we also know lifting adult literacy levels in a community leads to a whole lot of other great things happening.

In fact, lifting adult literacy levels in Aboriginal communities has the potential to be THE game-changer in tackling Indigenous disadvantage.

Until now we have been focussed on delivering Literacy Campaigns in just a few locations. We have been testing what works, building evidence, and learning from our mistakes.

But it's time to take the next step. We need your help to go NATIONAL. With your backing we can create Literacy Campaigns in communities right across the country.

We can support more people like Mary and Clarence.
We can share the joy of reading and writing.
We can end illiteracy now.

Believe us, this can be big.