Literacy Campaigns


Our Literacy Campaigns are based on the UNESCO-award-winning ‘Yes, I Can!’ method, developed internationally for use with disadvantaged groups.

The approach has been designed to raise literacy levels quickly, at low cost, across a region.

Over 10 million people are now literate as a result of implementation in 30 countries in the past 15 years. This is the first implementation in Australia.

International Results


Timore-Leste flag

200,000 people


Argentina flag

5,000 people


Bolivia flag

820,000 people


Our Literacy Campaigns are run in three linked phases over nine months:

Mobilisation and Socialisation (months 0-3)

  • Local community steering committee set up
  • Local Aboriginal staff recruited and trained
  • Data on community literacy levels collected
  • Students enrolled

Lessons (months 3-6)

  • Students complete 64 basic literacy lessons
  • Lessons are run by local staff using a set of instructional DVDs
  • Approximately 20 students per class
  • Classes run for 6 to 8 hours per week over 13 weeks

Post-Literacy (6-9 months)

  • Students encouraged to 'use it or lose it"
  • New literacy skills are applied to real life situations
  • Examples include enrolling in further education, seeking employment, undertaking work experience, computer training and a range of similar activities

Campaign Locations - Current and Previous

Map showing locations where campaigns have run