2023 Graduation Day Photos – A message from Jack Beetson

A message from Ngemba man, Jack Beetson, Executive Director of Literacy for Life Foundation. Photo courtesy Joy Lai/State Library of NSW.

In 2023, our supporters helped someone learn to read and write.

I simply can’t think of a better gift. Thank you.

And the good news keeps coming.

Because of those supporters, more than 400 students have now completed Literacy for Life Foundation’s community-led adult literacy classes. 

I hope these photos make you smile.

Most of them were taken just last week, on Graduation Day, in the community of Yarrabah, near Cairns. (Yarrie is currently getting ready for cyclone Jasper – with everyone doing what they can to prepare and keep safe.) 

I got to see the pride the community has in its achievements and I wanted to share that joy with you.

This Thursday, Tennant Creek, in the NT, will hold its graduation ceremony too. 

Support for Literacy for Life Foundation, a grass-roots Aboriginal organisation, is changing lives across the country.

We couldn’t do it without you –  looking forward to sharing more good news soon.

Warm Regards, Jack Beetson

That’s me on the right, with Thomas, one of the Yarrabah students.
This photo is Dwayne (with the microphone) and Nadine (behind him). Dwayne was a student in the first class in Yarrabah, back in 2021. He’s now one of the trainers, helping others learn to read and write. Nadine is the Campaign Coordinator and is a Traditional Owner. The work is done by the community, for the community. Which is why it has such great results.
Over 75 people have now completed basic reading, writing and digital literacy training in Yarrabah.
Every literacy Campaign puts together a banner to share their story.
Students receive a pack of learning materials and other items to support them to continue to learn.
The student group shot has become a tradition in the Yarrabah Campaign. Completion rates for training are more than 30 times better than mainstream approaches.
Sharing the joy of reading and writing in Yarrabah. Many of our students come to class so they can learn to read to their children.
Taken earlier this year, this photo features Thomas (left) and Dwayne (right). As mentioned above, Dwayne took part in classes as a student and now helps others to improve their skills, working as a Literacy for Life Foundation Facilitator.

All photos courtesy of Leanne Hardy Photo. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see more beautiful images of our work in action.

The Foundation’s Tennant Creek and Yarrabah Campaigns are funded by our supporters and contributions from the Australian Government.