Read this beautiful short story, a Ngemba man’s first prose at 56 years old

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NITV published an article on one of our participants, Liam Henry Bloomfield, here is his story:

Our River, by Liam Henry Bloomfield

The river was the lifeblood of our town called Brewarrina. The Barwon Darling looked so beautiful in the flood time. The fish traps look so peaceful and lost when no water is running.

When I was a young fella we used to go swimming at the sandy bank and everywhere you look you see lots of young and old, fishing along both sides of the river banks.

When you sit and listen along at the weir, the sound of the water feels good, as the wind and the breeze flows through your body and the leaves. Birds of all kind sing in harmony with the water and the breeze.

If you really sit and pause for a while you can hear the old fellas rearranging the traps in the hot sun, and late in the evening, singing and dancing until the evening gets darker and darker.

It feels like the breeze is blowing in rhythm with the water. The trees are dancing with the water and the wind. The birds are singing as a backup group that sounds so sweet, as mother nature shows its glory.

As the fish swims with the twist of its tail, as the pelicans and the black shags move, like the dreamtime.

Source: NITV

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